2nd Edition


Joshua and Katie Anquandah jointly authored the 2nd Edition of Fresh Revelation on the Gospel of Matthew. Joshua and Katie, full of the Holy Spirit, have been married for 8 years. We have seen all kinds of works of Holy Spirit fulfilled as we have ministered over the years. We have given accurate and precise prophecies that the recipients have brought testimonies. The Anquandahs depend entirely on Yesu, the Master of Heavens and Earth. Our desire is to sharpen the Body of Christ. We believe Yesu was on earth as Lord and Man. Yesu died on the Roman cross to save the world and went to Hades (hell) for 3 days only to conquer death. Yesu resurrected himself from death proving He did what no man can ever do. Yesu had to ascend to the Heavens; so, Holy Spirit could come. Joshua and Katie walk in all that Yesu taught and promised. The relationship with the Father by Holy Spirit is continuous growth.



Fresh Revelation on the Gospel of Matthew 2nd edition


Joshua and Katie Anquandah

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